A Sort of Rant

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The angry black woman stereotype is something that has plagued me my entire life.

Even before I fully understood it, the ABW stereotype would interject itself several times throughout my life. I used to chalk certain occurrences up to my resting bitch face. Although as I got older I realized there was something more underneath the microaggressions directed towards me. That “something” I’ve now come to know as society’s discomfort with black women and our emotions.

The angry black woman stereotype is the misperception of black women as ill-mannered and quick to catch an attitude. What this means is that…

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Do you identify as a left brain person? Left brain and right brain are common terms often used to differentiate between two different styles of thinking. Left-brained people are believed to be more analytical and methodical. While people that right-brained are looked at as more artistic and imaginative.

As a self-proclaimed left brain, there have been quite a few moments wherein I wished to possess such qualities as I’d see in my right-brained friends. I would always find myself captivated by the way they could churn out thought-provoking poems or elaborate illustrations. There would be many times that I would…

You’re Standing in Your Own Way

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I used to have a tricky time creating genuine friendships. The connections I did manage to make were often superficial and short-lived. I would spend an embarrassing amount of time trying to figure out the reason behind this and what I could do to change whatever it was. It wasn’t until I decided to hear my mom out that I finally figured out the problem. She would tell me all the time that I came off as rude and would always encourage me to be more “smiley.” Of course, being the stubborn person that I am, her advice would go…

Whenever I hear talk of self-care, the image that appears before me is one of bubble baths and an extensive skincare routine. Though self-care has become a prevalent topic in mainstream culture, I am perplexed by the heavy portrayal of self-care being primarily a beauty centered practice.

While taking care of your physical appearance is important, it is often the work put into caring for your mind and spirit that makes a difference. This is why I’ve decided to give you the top 3 things that I believe are essential to having a more complete self-care “routine.”

1. Self Discipline

One of the…

Neyka Rose

Writer interested in, self improvement, mental health, and living a fearless life

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